[Above: It's interesting that one of the brothers, Rudolf, died near the Isle of Wight. Obviously a shot down pilot.]

[Above: Wilhelm Lindner, died in a Russian prisoner-of-war camp, like so many others. He was 33 years old. They don't know exactly when he died, just 'January'. Here are the sad words on the left card...

'Als ich starb im Feindesland,
da reichte niemand mir die hand,
mein letzer Gedanke, mein letzer Blick,
der eilte ja noch zu Euch zurück.
Doch in jenen himmelshöhen
werden wir jenen wirdersehen.
Ruhe sanft, Du gutes Herz,
wer Dich gekannt, kennt unsern Schmerz.
Mein Jesus Barmherzigkeit! Vater unser...'

(When I died in enemy territory,
no one reached out to me,
my last thought, my last look,
rushed back to you.
But in those heights of heaven
we will see him.
Rest gently, you good heart,
those who knew you know our pain.
My Jesus mercy! Our Father...)]

[Above: 'Herzliche Teilnahme' (Warm Sympathy). The black border of this postcard signifies mourning. It can be found on death cards and other material as well.]