• For those of you who are unaware, these are 'death cards' (or in German known as 'Sterbebild', or death image), much like the ones given out around the world at funerals, this practice dates back centuries. These German cards from WWII give vital information, such as when, where and sometimes even how the person died. And I say 'person' because not all of the cards presented here are of soldiers, there are also those who fell victim to Allied terror bombing attacks, or 'terrorangriff'. There is often also information on the soldier's unit, his awards and his rank.

    It is a naturally sad and depressing thing viewing this section of the site. It is admittedly difficult for me to present them for this section. Seeing their smiling faces and thinking about how their often young lives were snuffed out long before their time. Thinking about how bravely they fought and died, so far away from home and the loved ones they left behind. How their priceless genes were stripped forever from the gene pool.

    Their country called them and they answered. But unlike many of the soldiers who have gone off to battle in the many wars since WWII, I believe that most of these soldiers knew why they were fighting. They knew what they were facing if they should lose. The National Socialist government was keen on educating its populace to the dangers they faced. Remarkably, all of the awful things they warned of came true (not to mention a sea of other horrible things).

    It helps me to think of these brave men and women presented on these pages not as merely dead, but as martyrs. As knights who stood up to a most terrible evil. A monster which grips this world today in its poisonous claws. They knew what would happen should they fail in the war forced upon them. They knew well what would face not only their race, but the world and all of its peoples.

    And let's be honest, they did not fail in their ultimate duties. Their sacrifices taught us troves of valuable lessons. They left behind libraries of information not only about our enemy and his tactics, but they gave us direction and, perhaps most importantly, inspiration.

    And as Dr. William Pierce once said: 'We need only look around us at our world today to see who was right.'