The following interview is done with Othala...

Let's begin with you telling us the current situation of the band and a summary of the past of Godless North.
Heil! Greetings Mourning the Ancient. GODLESS NORTH currently consists of Oblak Ilking (percussion) and myself Othala (all guitars & vocals). The two of us began practicing together during late 1.996. We are planning to enter the studio on February 19th for work on our first full-length CD entitled "Summon the Age of Supremacy" which will be proudly released under the banner of Ancestral Research Records/Darker Than Black Records of Vinland. There will also be a limited cassette version available on Romania's Tellurian Battleground Productions. In the past we have released a 1.998 demo "Dark Rites of the Mystic Order" and 1.999 promo "Upon Heathen Battlefields..." (unofficial release). The two tracks that consist of the latter will be featured on our full-length debut. We will also be featured on a tribute to the great martyr Codreanu Corneliu of Romania. This is scheduled to be out anytime now on Romania's Tellurian Battleground Productions.

The name 'Godless North' is pretty self-explanatory, but perhaps you could go into better detail on your personal definition for us.
Yes, it does seem quite self-explanatory... It is simply- GODLESS as in without the false Jewish-god Yahweh, it is however in no reference to the mighty Heathen pantheon of Gods & Goddesses. NORTH, well we are geographically located in Northern Vinland (also known as Canada), as well as both of us being of Northern European descent. This should hopefully answer your question.

Tell us about Thurisaz Productions and "The Voice of Blood..." zine... how are these endeavors going?
Right now I am in the midst of preparing to move to another city and so finances towards these projects are unfortunately somewhat limited. I do have a small stock of items ready for distro purposes, and a website under construction. However, I wish to wait until I am better stocked and settled in my new place before I begin with it. "Voice of Blood..." zine is still currently being compiled, and I am awaiting more answers to interviews and such (interested bands, please get in touch!). Thurisaz Productions will also be re-releasing the first demo of GN.

Your first full-length CD, after two demos, "Summon the Age of Supremacy" will soon be released by Ancestral Research/Darker than Black. Tell us about this release and when exactly is this expected to be ready.
As mentioned above, we will begin recording on February 19th, the rest will be up to the label I suppose. "Summon the Age of Supremacy" will consist of 8 songs (6 new), and an intro performed by Portland, Oregon's THE ORDER OF THE WOLF.

You are slated to appear on the long-planned 'Tribute to BURZUM' CD. Contributing a remake of 'Dunkelheit' from 'Filosofem.' Tell us about this and your thoughts about this coming release. Based upon the material you have sent us of Godless North it would seem that the earlier of Varg's material would have been more your style. Why did you choose something from Filosofem?
I look forward this tribute, Hails to Cymophane! I have always been an admirer of the music of BURZUM. I am usually not very interested in most band tributes. This however may end up being quite interesting due to the vast differences and the continual progression of Varg's releases. I also feel a strong ideological and spiritual connection with the man behind the music, even if he now dislikes Black Metal music. The reason we chose to perform a track from 'Filosofem' is because it happens to be one of the most interesting BURZUM releases. Also, for the reason that most people probably would expect us to do our own interpretation of the earlier BURZUM material. We are not into just one type of music, my interest's range from Classical to White Power.

Tell us why the new Godless North will not be released on Breath of Night, as it was originally planned. You stated this was because of 'differences' on your webpage... might we assume this partly has something to do with the difference of politics between the band and label?
Yes, that is correct. We just have two different outlooks on things, and to clear up some silly rumours which I have heard (and wonder with amusement where they came from??)... It has nothing to do with us wanting swastikas on the cover. Haha, we never even got to the point of discussing artwork. On a similar note, we were also supposed to appear on a split CD to be put out by Dungeons of Darkness (which the '99 promo tracks were originally intended for). However, we all know what happened to this label... Hails to R.B. and all at AR/DTB records for understanding this situation and standing behind us 100%!!

There is so much bickering these days in the metal 'scene.' It really does get futile and quite foolish. The internet helps fuel this fire all the more, giving cowards a forum to express their idiocy behind the perceived protection of a computer screen. People have a great lack of respect and dignity in today's age, that's beyond dispute to me, but regarding the Net, it is amplified many, many times. Your opinions and thoughts on this situation.
First off, I do not consider myself a part of any 'metal scene'. Sure, there is a 'metal scene' in this city with lots of "cool" losers who hang out at concerts and get really drunk and stoned every single weekend. Besides, they are for the most part a bunch of leftist scum, and probably all dislike BM anyway. These "internet-warriors" (haha!) you speak of are merely an annoyance, making silly remarks about our Polish comrades and such. This kind of reactionary crap is getting really tiresome. They are unknowingly doing the work of the Jew by trying to fuel hostility amongst blood-kin. These low-lifes who steal your images are only concerned with personal gain (this seems obvious). This is the type of behaviour that is noticeable in society as a whole, being nothing other than selfish greed. You are exactly correct in your assumption that people no longer have what are predominantly Aryan traits or values of respect and dignity in today's age. For you people reading this, try and act with TRUE nobility and honour as you will get a lot further and earn more respect in your life's endeavours!

Tell us about the very limited release 'Corneliu Zelea Codreana: Prezent!' which you took part in. Explain why you chose to be on this and what it's about.
This is a very important release, which we are very proud and honoured to be a part of. Hails go to our comrade Sarsail of Tellurian Battleground Productions!! We chose this with much enthusiasm. To honour a man of such great will and conviction, a man who fought for the freedom of Romanian soil against the tyrannical ideology of Marxism and the parasitical Jew can not be equaled!

Lyrics wise, what sort of topics can be found in the words of Godless North. What message do you wish to convey?
We deal with topics related to the struggle at hand. Some are glorious visions of a final solution (perhaps a real one this time!), others are of Nature's place before all, and the blood, which is shared by all of us Aryans (when I say 'Aryans' this does not refer to some fucking Christian-Identity crap!).

Moving on to a more personal level... Tell us about your thoughts on religion. Judeo-Christianity? Paganism? And explain to us why you feel such a way.
Judeo-Christianity- The 'spiritual-black-death' of the Aryan race, it is an unnatural, alien belief and eventually leads to racial-degeneracy as proven by looking at this world we inhabit. Paganism- This is the only hope left for our race, as it is part of a natural collective-conscience which we all share through bonds of blood and a common racial soul. Paganism also makes us look to the importance of nature to man, and why we should revere it and protect it for future generations.

Your beliefs regarding the topics of the soul and the possibility of its continued existence after the death of the physical self. Does this hold any truth to you?
We all have a racial soul, which lives on through the continued existence of our blood. It is passed on through generations. Our goal must be to awaken the spirit within us of our ancestors (who are really in fact the Gods in which we are directly descended from!). This can guide us into the right direction, if you look closely to the values held so closely to our Heathen forefathers. So yes, this very much holds true for myself. We will continue to live on through the passing of our Aryan blood... Hail the fourteen words!

When you envision death, what do you 'see...?' And reflecting on life, what is its goal to you?
When I envision death, I see part of the natural process or cycle of life, death, and re-birth as evident within the realm of nature. Simply look to the seasons of the year for further example of this! Life's goal is to make a contribution to your race through ensuring its continued existence however difficult this may be. I hope to make a lasting contribution however I can, to make a better world for future generations of our race. With this comes many sacrifices and hardships, it is not some silly game or hobby for stupid kids who just take up racial ideology because it is "extreme," or seen as "evil".

Your feelings toward this decaying world...? Is there truly much hope for this world in your eyes?
My feelings towards this decrepit place the world has become... Well, it can only get worse before the new dawn reaches the horizon. This is evident when looking from a cyclical view of history. There is worth in all this however. We must first spiritually align ourselves in our mindset. From there we can more easily solve these problems which plague us.

The last time you gazed out into the icy cold of the night sky... what came to your mind...? What does your imagination bring forth when trying to grasp the universe? And what might await mankind if he could transcend time and distance and explore the outer reaches of the universe...?
I probably wondered what our ancestors might have thought as they did the same, if they had felt that same power which rushes through your soul. It is like a regenerative process, to gaze into the stars upon a frozen winter's eve... Maybe the answers to the many questions that plague us will be found. It will be some time before we reach this point, there will surely be much struggle and strife to contend with here first, and this is mainly which consumes my thoughts at present.

To the future of Godless North... what awaits you, what have you planned?
Other than the above mentioned projects, I have no ideas yet... I believe this to be in the hands of Skuld!

Lastly, your words of wisdom to the world, your scorn to your enemies, and your regards to your comrades.
Thanks and Hail to Mourning the Ancient for this opportunity to speak what's on my mind. Be true to what you believe. If this is just some trend for people, please leave now. Subhumans are not welcome within our elite ranks! To our enemies, time will tell as to the validity of our words and ultimately of our actions, woe on to you! Heathen regards to our many Comrades who continue to support us, we wish the best for you and your kin... 88!

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