- February 7, 2014 -

Friday (Frigg's Day)

(first quarter moon)

  • The symbolism behind this shoot we first experimented with in 1998.
    In fact we did two other shoots that year with the 'Lady Justice' theme (Here are examples from those shoots).
    However, we were never satisfied with the outcome of those attempts, we always felt we could do better. But something about this theme was cursed from the start.
    Back in 1998 we had to redo the first shoot--and this time was no different. Two attempts... and we think this is the best we'll ever get it. Below are examples of both shoots.
    I might add, these were done in bitter cold, literally below freezing in the unheated room we usually do our photography in.
    While we can normally brave ahead, mind-over-matter, it was problematic to say the least. The occasional goose-bumps and chattering teeth ultimately didn't stop the shoot though.

  • Click on the following thumbs to watch short video files from the shoot. They are in .MOV format.

    [Below: The music in the background is Ferox's 'Farewell White Woman']

    [Below: The music in the background is Avalon's 'One People, One Leader']

    [Below: The music in the background is Badlands 'Leave it Behind']

    [Below: The music in the background is Landser's 'Rudolf Hess']

    [Below: Our first attempt from February 4, 2014.]

    [Below: Initially we experimented with the idea of using statue-like grey make-up... we didn't like the look though. We did these on October 14, 2013.]

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