- June 2, 2013 -

Sunday (Sun's Day)

(waning crescent moon)

Below you will see an encrypted picture of a message and URL. Unlike the shoot of 4-25-2012, where the name was encrypted using a system where numbers stand for letters, this one is more difficult. The characters stand for letters, and even the letters stand for other letters, but unlike the number encoded style, where you simply number the alphabet, this code will take a little more thought. There is a huge clue in the code however. A sort of Rosetta Stone. While the majority of viewers probably will not bother attempting to translate the code, for those that do, a reward of a secret page awaits them... dark treasures and the blessing of The Black Hand!

  • We originally attempted this shoot on May 29th, but after taking a handful of photos, we had a power blackout! I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
    Nonetheless, The Black Hand rose from the darkness and blood was soon to follow...

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