- January 8, 1999 -

Friday (Frigg's Day)

(last quarter moon)

  • This was a big shoot which culminated in many hundreds of photos. It also marked a long overdue leap in picture quality. We used two different cameras, one lower resolution and done in sepia mode, the other, of much higher quality, and done in color. This new camera was like night and day. Its quality in 1999 was superb, especially at its price range. Below is part one of this shoot. The pictures are generally low quality. Many are previously unpublished, and vary in quality of composition, but we've decided to include them all--the out of focus, the bad angles and even the ones we dislike. Part two continues in color, and with the new camera.


    *All images are strictly copyrighted. They may not be displayed via internet or printed form in any manner without our written permission, nor are they to be altered in any form whatsoever. Violators shall be vigorously prosecuted by international law.