- January 31, 2011 -

Monday (Moon's Day)

(waning crescent moon)

  • Here is our first shoot of 2011, and probably one of our strangest to date. We were not sure if this idea would work, so we planned on presenting it highly obscured (see the examples at the bottom of the page). In the end, however, it worked well, obscure enough on its own.

  • Note: The decaying painting on the wall was done well over a hundred years ago, painted inverted on glass, of a castle in Ireland called 'Blarney Castle'. It has no relation to the shoot other than it was hanging on the wall where we did the shoot. But despite its deteriorated condition, its old world charm still begs to be enjoyed.

    [Outtakes - make-up/mode tests]

    [unsure how the shoot should look, we experimented with different effects]

    [below: test-shoot, no-make-up]

    [below: up until the last moment, we planned to use this effect for the entire shoot]

    [below: getting ready]

    [below: final touch-ups. This new model sure was fussy!]

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