- July 1996 -

  • Like the previous shoots, the majority of this shoot has never been published, save fourteen that appeared in low resolution on our photo CD #1, and many of them were severely chopped up. So, for good and bad, here they are complete. The first twenty-two were done using a 'new' camera that was broken, little to our knowledge. They came out very hazy and blurry. The last fourteen we used the original 35mm from previous shoots. You'll notice there is a strong presence of the masked figure here. This would continue for one more shoot until we abandoned the theme. As we've said in the past, it just didn't quite meet our vision of things. Looking back in hindsight though, these old, bad-quality, amateur photos look fairly eerie and quite strange now. The broken camera seemed to add to the mystery and oddity of the scenes. With photography, at least personally speaking, our pictures always seem to look different as time passes. Like the fact that we never look at the photos we've just taken until a few days have passed. I guess it's hard to get a true look at things when they are still fresh in your mind.

  • Camera one

  • Camera two

    Outtake [scary, huh?!]

    [Look at the pictures below to see the huge difference in scan quality. The picture on the left is how it appeared on our first photo CD, versus the original on the right. Why we butchered so many of the early photos is beyond our understanding now. Anyway, the first is a scan from 1999, versus one from a few years ago.]

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