- March 1996 -

  • Like the previous shoots, the majority of this shoot has never been published, save seven that appeared in low resolution on our photo CD #1. With that said, the material here is actually two and a half shoots, done in two nights. You can see the prop repertoire slowing building up here. Oddly, in the first series of shoots, only one legging is worn. I guess we just wanted to see how things looked. Both bracers are shown here for the first time, as are the spiked collar and leather garters, although we would later paint expansion symbols on the leggings and bracers. This shoot also debuts some silk-screened items, like the expansion symbol half-shirt and cloak trim. These shoots also were the first to see braided hair. The concepts debuted here would follow us for a handful of years to follow. Admittedly, we were locked into a stylistic mold for too long. We sought the perfect picture utilizing these concepts, and never really achieved it. Victims of our own perfectionism, only years later would we break free of these chains and try new concepts. But, it is what it is, and looking back at it all, we think each shoot has its own uniqueness and feeling, perhaps after soaking up some of the insanity that was our lives.

    [no flash]


    Day Two

    [strange angles...?]

    [accidental quadruple exposures]

    Day 2.5

    [these are perhaps some of the strangest of the old unpublished material.
    I guess we wanted to show a person making a choice between pagan truth and Christian lies.
    The truth being a liberating, almost sexual revelation.
    For obvious reasons these pictures didn't have a place in Mourning the Ancient.
    However, years later, they are an entertaining surprise for those who've followed our works through the years.
    We hope you make your choice wisely!

    [Wow, what a difference in scan quality. The first is a scan from 1999, versus one from a few years ago. At this rate, in ten years you'll be able to see what I was thinking!]

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