- June 25, 2010 -

Friday (Frigg's Day)

(full moon)

  • This is the first shoot with a much higher resolution camera than the past.
    We did this shoot at a forest, which after many rainy days and nights, was a flooded mess. Thus, we had to walk the railroad tracks which cut through the woods. After a few miles in the hot sun looking for a suitable entry point into the trees, and finding none due to the flood, we decided to do the shoot on the side of the railroad tracks. Beside the tracks was a rather perilous gravel slope which led to the water. If having to stand on this wasn't hellish enough, we also had to contend with heat in the nineties and mosquitos, not to mention three passing trains! You'd never know it from the tranquil look of the photos, but in some of them the train was speeding behind us, not more than fifteen feet away. In some shots you can even see hair blowing from the train's force!

  • Before the shoot...

    Before and after...

    ...and farewell to hell, for now!

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