- March 17, 2001 -

St. Patrick's Day

Saturday (Saturn's Day)

(last quarter moon)

  • Here is our second and final shoot at what became quite an overzealous and time consuming affair. The idea was interesting, but the editing was very tedious.
    Originally, we only edited a few, but recently went back and finished the 'photo-story' the best we could.
    The many unedited others will probably remain in limbo forever.

    February 2001
    [Here is the original, discarded version of the shoot above. This is the last time we worked with a second subject.
    The chemistry had long faded away, as is evident. Beyond even that, we hate(d) just about everything about this shoot; hair, make-up, etc...
    Nonetheless, we thought you might enjoy a glimpse of our temporary destruction.]

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