- August 24, 2018 -

Friday (Frigg's Day)

(waxing gibbous)

Here is an old shoot from August 2018, which we didn't publish for six years until January 2024. The photo of the old picture with the lighthouse I found in a heap of garbage one humid afternoon. It was strange and interesting that the lighthouse was the only area not damaged by water. It was nearly ruined, but I liked it nonetheless. Sometimes scars give character. The Japanese have a word for it called 'kintsukuroi', 'More Beautiful for Having Been Broken', although this deals with repairing broken pottery with gold.

Here in these dark days of Kali Yuga most of us are broken in some way, some more than others, but it is rare to find an unbroken inmate of this dungeon world.

'Anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat.'
-Adolf Hitler

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