- July 1, 2015 -

Wednesday (Wotan's Day)

(waxing gibbous moon)

  • Dedicated to my longtime comrade and friend, Rob from Elegy Records, your wisdom, wit, humor and intelligence have carried me through many dark days.
    Here are four slivers of light for you, and all our comrades worldwide... be grateful, you're living in historic times.
    As the great Nikola Tesla said: 'You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.'
    All of the dark and horrible things you see around you are merely the birth pangs of our New Age. The convulsions of their dark world dying.
    You are a witness. And if you are not already, I hope one day soon you will also be a participant.
    Use whatever skills you have to further awaken our sleeping brothers and sisters.
    Be relentless.
    That is the key to everything.
    Do not accept defeat. Fight on.
    Be tenacious.
    Every little thing you do is important. Every action causes ripples though the whole world.
    Our ancestors watch us with pride. We are unstoppable. Our time has come.
    Can you hear the silent thunder? It's their world being ripped asunder.
    We needn't even raise our swords.
    Our enemy is committing slow suicide.
    The beast is drinking its own poison.
    So, get comfortable, the show is about to begin.
    But the show requires participants from the crowd.
    So get ready.
    The lights are dimming and the curtain is rising.
    Let the show begin!

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