- October 16, 2019 -

Tuesday (Tyr's Day)

(waning gibbous)

Surely we live in the end times. The madness of this age encroaches on everything we hold sacred. The darkness of Babylon, Sodom and Weimar has infected this Earth. Our fathers failed us. Our enemies lie in positions of power the world over. It's up to us alone. Everywhere they spread their mind disease on our children. We are their slaves and their prey.

Look beyond the veil. To the hook-nosed predator stalking your progeny. Its beady black eyes hiding behind a stolen face. A genetic thief, but we see through its disguise.

Armed with the knowledge and warnings from our heroes of the past, we resist this world menace, and spread truth like bombs across the sleeping world.

While they sexually mutilate our men at the time of their birth and make this twisted practice a normal act.

While they tear down our statues and burn our relics. The hidden hand directs all. A string on every mob. The puppet master has total control. Our streets his battlefield. Chaos is his weapon. Hatred and division. Strife and confusion.

While they move forward with their plans to destroy and replace our race. Humiliation and total subjugation. The white race kneels to its killer.

While the locust crawls our swastika, we stiffen our lips and show our teeth. We are animals in this dark age. Wehrwolves prowling the twisted streets.

Beneath their blood-soaked banner, we wait.

Anxious for the end.

The End is our Beginning.

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  • Above: The music here is called 'Lord of the Dance' by Patricia Crowther.

  • Above: The music here is Ian Stuart singing his epic 'The Snow Fell'.

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