- April 1, 2020 -

Wednesday (Wotan's Day)

(first quarter)

  • Dedicated to Anthony, whose willingness to help and support helped make this shoot possible. You are a true comrade and I'm happy to have you in the trench with me! Thank you, my friend.

    And to Oskar Dirlewanger, a legend to all who can see beyond the enemy's sea of lies. A man they call 'more hated than Hitler', the enemy has a particular vehement hatred for this man. They have attempted to cover his name in the most dispicable deeds. According to the enemy he is worse than the Devil himself.

    I've learned long ago to look carefully at who the enemy hates and maligns because there you will usually find great men. Dirlewanger is no exception, in fact, he is more than just a great man, he is a legend. An incredibly selfless and loyal soldier who was wounded eleven times in combat!

    As a leader in the Waffen-SS Dirlewanger led a group of men whom the world had given up on. A ragtag group of ex-criminals who were a disloyal, treacherous, empty, bottom of the barrel bunch and he made them into one of the most capable units on the Eastern Front and beyond. A group of men whose fate would eventually lead them to the Battle of Berlin itself.

    Through Dirlewanger's incredible personal strength he reformed these men and made them soldiers. Perhaps most importantly he gave them hope, a reason to live and even to die.

    Oskar Dirlewanger believed there was almost no man who was beyond redemption. Through struggle and dedication, there were always Second Chances.

  • We began this photo shoot on March 23, 2020, but due to technical problems we quit and resumed on April 1st. The first five after the mud 'Resurrection' set are the originals.
    Enjoy - and ever seek the truth, my comrades.

    Let St. Dirlewanger be your guide!

  • Behind the scenes

    [Above: The soldier-angels of Saint Dirlewanger]

  • Read the truth of Oskar Dirlewanger
    "The Beginning of the End"

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