- January 21, 2019 -

Monday (Moon Day)

(full moon - total lunar eclipse - super blood moon)

'In the clay, god and man
Shall be bound,
To a unity brought together;
So that to the end of days
The Flesh and the Soul
Which in a god have ripened
That soul in a blood-kinship be bound.'
-Sumerian tablet, 4,500 - 5,000 BC

  • Dedicated with love and friendship to Comrade W., your generosity, belief and zeal are a treasure in today's dying age.
    May the star of our people shine on you forever...

  • It was an especially brutal night that we did this photo shoot. There was a low of ten degrees (-12 celsius) outside, with snow and a wind chill taking it even lower. Inside the unheated area where we did the photo shoot it was freezing cold, and by the end of the shoot I was literally shaking from the bitter cold! We tried to do some farewell videos but they were ruined when I couldn't help myself from shaking! Haha. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my suffering - I sure did!

    [Above: Finally, out of the cold!]

    [Above: Taking off the props and warming up.]

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