- September 1, 2016 -

Thursday (Thor's Day)

(new moon)

~ Day One ~

  • '...a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as the thousand suns rose in all its splendorů An iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death...'
    -The ancient Mahabharata, 400 BCE

    Well comrades, if you're going to die, at least have fun doing it. The way I see it, after the end there will be two things remaining: ashes and Adolf Hitler. Like Gilgamesh and Christ, his divine story will one day be told as the divine epic it is. And as his sister Paula so eloquently said in Berchtesgaden, May 1, 1957:

    'Gentlemen, never forget this; your names will be forgotten even before your bodies have rotted away in the earth, but the name Adolf Hitler will still be a light in the darkness... His name exists forever in hundreds of thousands of souls...'

    Our love for him will conquer our enemies, comrades. Never give in to the hatred of our enemies. Always look to the beauty and timeless strength of Adolf Hitler in your most lonely and desperate hours. While hatred is a deadly weapon in our arsenal, our love for Him and for each other is what will last beyond even the death of our bodies. You will never find finer comrades than that who are beside you now in this terrible war, or more worthy evil enemies. We live in an epic battle between light and darkness and if you survive to see its end, then certainly in the small hours of the night, when you lie in bed broken and without sleep, you'll crack a smile and remember the days of this worthy war... and those crazy and brave bastards who dared fight beside you.

    To my own brave bastards who help me smile through the long nights:
    Rob, Mike & Earl, Gary, Marco, Lance, Gerhard, Hildarnn, Vera, Oscar, Evelyn and Matt, Tyrone, David, Wolfgang, Charles, Terrance and all the others...

    ...and if our enemies will not relent, and when we chase them to the ends of the earth, and they've one more nuclear trick up their sleeves... then let us embrace our deaths with style, and kiss the Iron Thunderbolt 'hello'!

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