- March 1 & 2, 2013 -

Friday/Saturday (Frigg's Day/Saturn's Day)

(waning gibbous)

-Dedicated to the courageous people of East Germany (1945-1989).

Who endured every privation and humiliation. Who remained defiant despite their subjugation, despite the danger of prison and death. Who endured the cruel, inhuman vengeance of the victors.

To all those condemned in that prison state, beneath the shadow of The Wall. Separated from family and friends, suffering the loss of their Fuhrer and Savior. Witnessing the triumph of evil, powerless and bloodied.

And to all the German soldiers who had to wear the uniform of the enemy. Who secretly kept their hearts true and free.

And especially to those who never forgot their Fuhrer. For they knew His message and struggle had been just and good.

And to those who secretly dreamed of those glorious days before the fire. And who swore that one day they would be again.

This is for you brave and defiant ones!

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