- April 20, 2012 -

Friday (Frigg's Day)

(new moon)

-Dedicated in loving memory of David Eden Lane (November 2, 1938 - May 28, 2007). The Man Against Time, of Our Times. Who wished death rather than surrender unto his enemies. But the Gods had other plans. And live he did. Sentenced to 190 years in the dungeons of injustice, imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, even after being acquitted for it, they charged him again for the same crime (double jeopardy). Entombed in concrete and iron, for the rest of his natural life, he vowed he would never give up fighting for his people. He created the world famous '14 Words', wrote numerous articles on a plethora of subjects, penned several books, and yet still had time to write his friends and comrades at the end of a long day.

By the time I met David he was late in his years, but I had admired him and his mentor Robert Mathews since my youth. In my mind, and those of many of my comrades growing up, David Lane was an almost magickal figure. Someone touched by providence and the Gods. A torch light that led us to dark truth. I never imagined I would ever converse with this living legend, so when the opportunity came to interview him I gratefully took it.

David answered our interview on Christmas Eve, 2002, and it remains one of my favorite interviews. Each of his answers were lengthy and well thought-out, not your typical quick or empty responses of someone who doesn't have time for you. His words showed a keen intelligence, sharp wit and old fashioned wisdom. They also conveyed a deep sense of pain and sorrow. Not for his own life and earthly damnation, but for the bleak outlook of the People he loved.

The last time I wrote to him was about a month before he died. He wrote a short answer from what would be his death bed. He thanked us for writing him and promised to write more if he survived the prison hospital. But on May 28th 2007 his tour of duty was over, he was finally free.

His final words in our interview were in response to the question of how he would like to be remembered after he died. They are:

"...it would be nice to be remembered as being instrumental in stopping the Zionist murder of the white race. But, I am also ever mindful of Shakespeare's statement, "All the world's a stage, and we are but players." I have come to "believe" we are puppets in some cosmic drama. Perhaps our destiny is foreordained? Perhaps the Norns (Norse Goddesses of Fate) decide whether a man will be remembered with love or hate. I am no longer certain it even matters. I have done what I consider to be my duty. Let the "Gods" decide if that duty was proper or not proper."

It's been a long path. Thank the Gods there were men like David Lane to share it with. This shoot's for you comrade. There will never be another more important to us, as there will never be another you...

...and to all the rays of light which have struggled to shine in this dark world!

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