- September 30, 2015 -

Wednesday (Wotan's Day)

(waning gibbous moon)

  • These photos were amongst several shoots that were lost when our main computer crashed in 2015.
    And as things go, they weren't backed up. We were however to able eventually to retrieve SOME of them, however. Hopefully we'll eventually release this shoot with more photos.

    The obscure name of the the photo shoot is very descriptive of the photos and the feelings behind it. 'Maql' is Akkadian for 'burning' and is also a ritual against evil.

    'Badal' is taken from an ancient ethical code of the Pashtun people of Afganistan and Pakistan (pre-dating Islam) meaning 'vengeance'.

    Remember the Mujahideen guerilla fighters of Afganistan who fought and won against the communist Soviet war machine (1979-1989)? Or more recently, America?

    Those men operated by these codes.

    There are ten other principles besides Badal which make up what is called the 'Pashtunwali'.

    These principles are taken extremely seriously. Badal would mean a quest for vengeance.

    Another interesting principle of the ten is 'Nanawatai' (forgiveness or asylum).

    It is defined as:

    'this refers to the protection given to a person against his enemies. People are protected at all costs; even those running from the law must be given refuge until the situation can be clarified. Nanawatai can also be used when the vanquished party in a dispute is prepared to go in to the house of the victors and ask for their forgiveness: this is a peculiar form of "chivalrous" surrender, in which an enemy seeks "sanctuary" at the house of their foe. A notable example is that of Navy Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell, the sole survivor of a US Navy SEAL team ambushed by Taliban fighters. Wounded, he evaded the enemy and was aided by members of the Sabray tribe who took him to their village. The tribal chief protected him, fending off attacking tribes until word was sent to nearby US forces.'

    So if you are ever wandering forlorn in the mountainous wastes of Afganistan, persued by your enemies, remember the magic word: 'NANAWATAI'. Merely saying this to them will force them to not kill you, but also shelter you and feed you.

    But, we soldiers of the Sunless Dawn aren't interested in Nanawatai (mercy), we're seeking Badal (vengeance).

    BADAL brothers and sisters. Maql Badal! (Burning Vengeance!)

    'Pure oven, great daughter of Anu,
    inside whom the fire of the grave is flaring,
    inside whom the valiant fire-god has taken residence,
    [whose] flames have reached the sky...
    burn, set alight, incinerate...'
    Maql, Tablet II, 219224

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