• Note: The British Crown Dependencies of The Channel Islands were the only British soil occupied by the Third Reich during WWII. They were in fact abandoned by Britain, who decided defending them would be too costly. They were occupied from June 30, 1940 - May 9, 1945. During this time Germany established unique currency and postage stamps, and even a newspaper for soldiers stationed on the islands.

    Even until this day it is an embarrasment to the powers-that-be that many people, including those with royal blood, enjoyed German rule and worked happily for the Third Reich. The Channel Island government has sealed their own files INDEFINITELY because of this. Incredible.

    One of the most interesting aspects of the occupation, to English readers, is the fact that the newspapers were in English. It's the only time one can read news reports in English from a German perspective. These newspapers are relatively rare today, with virtually nothing available online. These newspapers are important sources of German news and offer us rare information of WWII, often times even conflicting with what we were taught.

    Since I haven't had the time to sit down and read them, I'll be reading them with you, as I post them. Briefly scanning them, however, I already found some fascinating information, hidden from our eyes today. For example, they report on Switzerland no longer accepting news from Britain, as it proved to be embarrassing for the Swiss news agencies who printed it and then it often turned out to be lies. Or how about the British bombing Vatican City, killing many civilians and then blaming it on the Germans. The Pope ordered an investigation and found the cowardly deed was indeed done by the British. It told how Catholics worldwide were appalled by this evil act, yet why is this information hidden from us today?

    The newspapers presented here are from the Island of Guernsey and are usually four pages. I'm only scanning the front pages because the other three are largely ads and local information (gardening techniques, want ads, lost and found, etc.).

    But enough talk, let's dive in and explore this unique opportunity. First, a few pictures to acquaint ourselves with the Channel Islands during WWII...

    [Below: Here's a British article announcing the occuption of the islands.]


    [Below: German troops march triumphantly into the Channel Islands.]


    [Below: An envelope showing Guernsey postage stamps during the occupation. Jersey also got its own postage stamps.]


    [Below: Two German Kriegsmarine soldiers stroll down the cobblestone streets of the Channel Islands.]


    [Below: A soldiers newspaper called 'Deutsche Inselzeitung' (German Island Newspaper), July 26, 1941. This was for the Island of Jersey.]


    [Below: Another soldiers newspaper 'Deutsche Guernsey-Zeitung' (German Guernsey Newspaper), February 24, 1943.]


    [Below: Cheerful German soldiers on a street corner somewhere in the Channel Islands.]


    [Below: The Gaumont Palace Cinema in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey advertising a showing of 'Sieg im Westen' (Victory in the West.]


    [Below: Guernsey and Jersey also were issued their own currency during the German occupation. Here is a note from January 1943. Front/back.]


    [Below: A soldier of the Luftwaffe stands guard outside the Royal Air Force (RAF) Headquarters in Guernsey.]


    [Below: A RAF airman is buried with full military honors by occupying German soldiers, Channel Islands, 1943. Ironic how the Germans showed so much respect for their enemies, while the 'good guys' showed just the opposite. The Allied brutes largely had no concept of chivalry. Their evil governments had de-humanized both the German and the Japanese people.]

  • I'll try to post a new newspaper every day. I'll start with the earliest and get deeper into the war as we go along. I'm missing a number of issues, but nonetheless have a huge total of 214 newspapers. I have two different newspapers, one from The Evening Press and the other from The Star. The newspapers weren't of a high quality, with various artifacts, misalignments and hazy, lightly printed text, not to mention now are over 75 years old. If you'd like to take a look at the issue numbers and the dates click HERE.



    [Below: March 31, 1942. 'Futile British Raids While Germany Goes on Winning' brings up the U-Boat base of St. Nazaire on Brittany. It's an interesting fact that the German force surrounded there in the closing days of the war was never defeated and all of the Allied specially designed bombs to blow up the U-Boat pens, much to their surprise after the war, did nothing. Wow, a 'Naval Battle in Snowstorm off Russian Coast' sounds insane! 'Increasing Birth-Rate in the Reich'... compare that with today's death spiral of white people all over the world. It's interesting how honest they are about their shortcomings, whether it be a lower marriage rate, higher death rate than England and a predicted lower birth rate to come.]

    [Below: The U-Boat pens at St. Nazaire were bunkers which offered outstanding protection from Allied assaults.]



    [Below: April 21, 1942. 'U-Boats Take Heavy Toll in Many Oceans' brings up the very interesting and telling fact that Karl Dönitz, leader of the German Navy, was made the new leader by Adolf Hitler in the end days. Dönitz was a dedicated National Socialist and ardent supporter of Adolf Hitler. He was also a brilliant tactician, his U-Boat war against the Allies was an incredible success in the first years of the war. Dönitz himself was imprisoned by the vengeful Allies after the war and was only released over ten years later on October 1, 1956. While in prison he was known to have told his fellow prisoners, and rightfully so, that he was the legitimate leader of Germany. It's a curious fact that the government of the Third Reich never surrendered to the Allies, only the military.

    'Chungking's Position Shattered' is referring to the leader of nationalist China, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's wartime capital (from November 1937 to May 1946, called 'Chongqing' today). The USA claimed him to be their ally, but in truth worked against him behind the scenes and ensured a communist victory in China (and the world). It's a little known fact that in Japan their were communist parties before the war. Agents of communism were indeed fomenting 'revolutions' in most countries in the world. Japan saw that communism, without their military intervention in China (the Chinese Communist Party was established in July 1921), would be victorious and be a grave threat to all of Asia. Dr. Stan Monteith's shocking 2009 book 'Brotherhood of Darkness' explains how the Truman administration helped insure the communist takeover of China, just as the Roosevelt administration helped to insure a communist victory in Russia during WWII.

    To quote Brotherhood of Darkness:

    'I want to explain how Harry Truman brought communism to China. Most people believe that the Nationalist Chinese lost the civil war, but nothing could be further from the truth. General Chiang Kai-shek's armies were winning the civil war until the American State Department placed an embargo on the Nationalist forces which prevented them from buying weapons or supplies anywhere in the world... How can an army fight without weapons? It can’t. Contrary to everything you heard or read, our State Department intentionally brought Chairman Mao to power. To verify that charge, I quote from a long-suppressed Senate report on the fall of China.'

    Monteith quotes from the Institute of Pacific Relations Report of the Committee on the Judiciary Eighty-Second Congress Second Session document:

    'At the end of 1945 when General Marshall left for China, the balance of power was with the Chinese Nationalists... and remained so until at least June 1946... Chiang's divisions were chasing the Communists northward and the prospect of victory by Nationalist China was at its highest... However, when General Marshal arrived in China, he undertook to bring about the coalition government which his directive demanded... this plan failed when the coalition failed.

    When the Chinese government did not affect the coalition, by the summer of 1946 the United States military assistance to China was brought to an end. Not only did the United States stop sending military supplies to the Chinese Government; the shipment of war materials actually purchased by the Chinese also was halted... When the flow of American ammunition was stopped, these divisions lost their fire power and were defeated. Even after the Eightieth Congress appropriated $125,000,000 for aid to the Chinese, shipments were delayed and when the guns finally reached the Chinese general in north China, they were without bolts and therefore useless.']

    [Below: Karl Dönitz.]

    [Below: 1943 German postage stamp honoring microbiologist Robert Koch.]

    [Below: Republic of China President Chiang Kai-shek.]

    [Below: Most of you know this picture of Chiang Wei-kuo, the adopted son of Republic of China President Chiang Kai-shek. This picture was taken while he studied warfare in National Socialist Germany and was even given an honorary rank.]



    [Below: April 28, 1942. 'This War Must be the Last for Europe'... the National Socialist dream. Of course, our 'democratic capitalist' rulers feel just the opposite. War is big money, not only for the weapon makers, but for oil, drugs and everything else. I've seen a chart somewhere that lists wars and 'military engagements' of the USA since its inception in 1776 and there was virtually no time when it wasn't having some sort of military conflict. And that's not even including all of the USA's CIA lapdogs destablizing and murdering foreign people and their governments. There is a reason why the Middle East and South and Central America are so poor, miserable and corrupt, and that reason is the United States. So we can expect continous and unabating war. And you, citizen-slave of this world, will pay for it, one way or another.

    Ah, a 'Mission to India'. Was this before or after Winston Churchill starved millions of Indians and laughed about it? And when other nations tried to help by donating food he made sure the British government prevented it. Meanwhile, this fat, drunken, mass murderer is hailed as a hero today. But alas, that is fading. The world awakens. Angry.]



    [Below: April 30, 1942. 'Churchill Responsible for Reprisal Bombing of British Cities'... Adolf Hitler tried in vain to get Europe and the USA to sign a treaty banning the bombing of civilian targets. He also sought arms reduction. They didn't want any part of it. Britain and the USA would later center their attacks on civilian targets in Germany and Europe. They would literally avoid military targets to hit cities which had no military value. As the war progressed Allied bombers/fighters would actually target schools, farm animals, churches and perhaps the most shocking, GRAVEYARDS! Truly evil. If you haven't woken up to the fact that we've been lied to and brainwashed yet, then maybe you never will. The good guys didn't win WWII. Germany and her allies fought to prevent the incredible evils that are paraded before us today. They knew that the enemy would focus on the annihilation of the white race, their greatest enemy. Today white people are becoming minorities in all of their ancestral lands. Their genocide against the white race is ongoing and thus far has been very succesful. Will they succeed? That depends on you.

    'India has only one enemy: England; the other enemies which India is supposed to have only exist in the imagination of the Anglo-Americans.' Hahaha! Perfectly said.

    'For Europe--Against Stalin', and yet another great quote by 'The National Head of Estonian Autonomy, Dr. Mäe, in replying to the Soviet calumnies [the making of false and defamatory statements], said...' and here is the funny part: 'Speaking for the people of Estonia, I have nothing more to add, for our people have themselves supplied the answer in joining up to fight passionatly against Bolshevic Russia!' In your face Stalin! HA!]



    [Below: May 14, 1942. Oh this is going to be a good one! Let's start with 'Germany Has No Intention of Using Poison Gas'. There is A LOT of damning evidence of the Allied plans to use gas in WWII. Our enemies have a tendency to blame their enemies with what they themselves are guilty of. You'll find this behavior everywhere actually. When it comes to poison gas, Churchill first revealed his evil obsession with this monstrous form of warfare in 1921, saying to Great Britain's then Colonial Secretary, referring to the Kurds in Iraq, in an official communication: 'I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favor of using gases against uncivilized tribes. The moral effect should be good... and it would spread a lively terror...'

    He swore up and down that Adolf Hitler would use chemical warfare in WWII, even betting his mother's soul on it. Not that anything that birthed him could have had a soul. Look below for the proof that the Allies were preparing to use chemical gas in WWII.]

    First, I'll quote from page one of Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind:

    [Above: A massive American stockpile of liquid mustard gas in the days leading up to America's entry into WWII.]

    America and Britain were itching to use their gigantic stockpiles of chemical weapons. They snuck huge amounts of chemical weapons to every front. While secretly shipping a load of mustard gas to the Italian port of Bari in 1943, a disaster second only to Pearl Harbor occured. An Allied ship loaded with the deadly chemical was bombed by unsuspecting German bombers. Sailors, soldiers and civilians were exposed, many of them dying a cruel and unspeakable death. All the while the American President and the British War Cabinet lied and covered up the incident. They even lied to the dead soldiers families. But eventually they realized they could not contain it, people who witnessed the horrible event were talking. Read an in depth account of the disaster at Bari and other appalling Allied war crimes below. This information is honestly some of the most shocking, disappointing and disgusting I've ever read:

    A Higher Form of Killing
    The Secret Story of Chemical and Biological Warfare

    [Above: Here is an article from the propaganda magazine Life which blatantly lies about German gas:
    'Weeks of careful checking of sources and the perusal of published and unpublished evidence from Germany have convinced me that the Germans' V-3, (Vengeance Weapon No.3) is poison gas and that it is scheduled to be used in late August.'
    [Life's Reports - Inside the Reich - Desperate Nazis prepare a Wagnerian Tragedy, pg. 17, August 21, 1944, vol.17 no.8.]

    In 2010 the U.S. Army announced that a stockpile of WWII era chemical weapons were dumped 5 miles off the coast of Oahu (Waikiki beach). A huge total of 16,000 pounds of bombs were dumped at this location when WWII ended, worse still, each bomb contained 73 pounds of mustard gas. A US House of Representatives investigation found that WWII chemical weapons were dumped in at the very minimum of 26 locations off the coast of 11 states!

    [Above: Straight from the dog's mouth. A very threatening prediction. But like most Allied 'intelligence' it was another lie. The Stars and Stripes, Daily Newspaper of the U.S. Armed Forces in the European Theater of Operations, January 8 1943, vol 3, No.57]

    Alright, back to the newspaper. One last thing about poison gas, regarding the statement:

    'Should this rash challenge be forced upon her by her enemies, and poison gas be used against her, Germany will take up the challenge -- and chemistry is a science in which Germany is known to excel.'

    German intelligence knew the Allies were itching to use chemical warfare, therefore, like their enemies, they researched poison gas, but unlike their enemies, uncovered the formula for some staggering chemicals of monstrous potential, like sarin and others. Like nearly everything, National Socialist Germany did it better. American scientists even admitted after the war that many of Germany's scientific discoveries were a century or more ahead of their enemies! Adolf Hitler helped build a society where work was rewarded and intelligence was celebrated. Where people had hope for the future and trust in their leaders. But most shocking, Hitler's Germany only lasted six years of peace time, before the world enemy thrust war upon her. The number of discoveries and inventions during the 12 years of the Third Reich is mind boggling (for many examples, click HERE). So much so that people foolishly believe it must have been aliens helping them! Lastly, consider this: The USA stole TONS upon TONS of scientific documents from Germany after the war. When they flew them back to the USA they had the documents translated and given to their American scientists. But there was a problem... many of the terms the Germans used didn't translate and they had no clue what a lot of it meant. What did it mean? Well, it turned out that the Germans had made so many discoveries that much of the language had changed, new words were used, forcing them to use Adolf Hitler's own scientists, which they had already kidnapped anyway (Operation Paperclip).



    [Below: May 16, 1942. 'Sunk in sight of U.S. shore'... It's strange that the U-boats brought the war to American shores on many instances, yet American education mentions nothing of this. We're not taught the true version of events, only a glossed over version full of propaganda and lies, a dumbed-down story praising American strength and how weak and evil Germany was. It's true, the USA was indeed a powerhouse of manufacturing and has an abundance of raw materials and manpower. It's also true that Germany is smaller than Texas, and fought for years after the USA's entry into WW2. It's also true that the USA would use much of the tech and knowledge they stole from Germany after the war to bully and destroy much of the world.
    Now, just a few short decades from those days of WWII, we find a USA who has moved all of its manufacturing jobs overseas, to take advantage of child slavery workforces in 3rd world countries. An America full of drug addicts, imbecils, appathetic zombies and people without hope whatsoever. A country whose white citizens have become a minority in their own country largely in one generation. This is the USA inherited to them, the USA their grandfathers earned 'storming the beaches of Normandy'.]



    [Below: May 19, 1942. I like how the British 'liberated' Madagascar, later 'liberating' anything that wasn't nailed down and could fit in their large pockets. It's an interesting fact that German-aligned Vichy France issued many, many postage stamps for their huge array of colonies around the world. Yet, none of these stamps made it to the colonies because of the war situation. Many of the stamps featured the leader of Vichy France Marshal Pétain.]

    [Below: Here is an example of Vichy issued stamps for Madagascar. They feature the portrait of the leader of Vichy France, the old WWI French national war hero, Marshal Pétain. After the war the evil Allies threw him in a dungeon, where he suffered alone until his death in 1951 (they also sentenced him to 'degradation' and stole all his property). His last wish was to be buried on French soil... for all he had done for France, they denied him and buried him on a prison island (the island of Yeu, an island off the coast of Brittany). This will be a mark on the French soul until one day when we are free, we will exhume his bones and take them home to his beloved France.]



    [Below: May 21, 1942. It is a little known fact that Vichy French forces and the British fought one another on numerous occasions during the war, on land, air and sea. This speaks of one such battle 'In an aerial engagement over French territorial waters between British and French aircraft, two British machines and one French were shot down...' Allied propaganda lied to the world (and continues to this day) convincing them that the French were unwillingly under some brutal occupation by the Germans, in reality much of France agreed with the Germans and saw the Allies as their enemies. Here are some eye-opening quotes from the Allies themselves:

    'The French population did not seem in any way pleased to see us arrive as a victorious army to liberate France. They had been quite content as they were and we were bringing war and desolation to their country.'
    -Sir Alan Brooke, British Army Chief of Staff.

    'I saw absolutely no evidence of German abuse of the population... The attitude of the French was sobering indeed. Instead of bursting with enthusiasm they seemed not only indifferent but sullen. There was considerable cause for wondering whether these people wished to be "liberated." '
    -John Eisenhower, General Dwight Eisenhower's son.

    'I am informed the Germans did not loot either residences, stores, or museums. In fact the people claimed that they were meticulously treated by the Army of Occupation.'
    -General LeRoy Lutes, US Army.

    'I see SHAEF communiqué said yesterday that the town had been liberated. Actually, it has been completely flattened and there is hardly a house intact; all the civilians have fled. It is a queer sort of liberation.'
    -Field Marshall Montgomery, referring to the French town of Carentan.

    'Most Frenchmen speak of the correctness of the German Army's behavior. They seem particularly impressed that German soldiers were shot for incivility to women and compare this with the American troops' bad behavior toward women.'
    -Captain B. H. Liddell Hart.

    Cannibalism in Leningrad!? I've read other reports of communist soldiers eating the dead or butchering German POWs after murdering them.]