We decided to share with you our photo CDs. For all of you who found us too late, or never got around to getting one back in the day, you can finally see our first creations. Looking back at these CDs after all these years they are pretty crude. But I think they are an interesting time capsule of Mourning the Ancient. I really liked the idea of the talking bits before the galleries, I think they set a mood, especially those on the second CD.

Both of the CDs generally have lower quality pictures than that found on the website. However, there are a few photos only found on the CDs, including those of another model not found on the website (CD #1 - December 1998).

I hope you enjoy a glimpse at our less-than-glorious ancient past!


The photo CDs are in folders that have been zipped by Windows. To unzip merely click on them. And don't worry, there are no viruses, I promise!

****To watch the videos and hear the music on both CDs you will have to allow 'blocked content' (if you've chosen to block such on your browser). You will also have to use Internet Explorer, or music and videos will not play (which ruins the whole experience).

Okay, with all of that said you are almost ready. After you've downloaded the main CD folders, open the folder and look for a file named 'entrance.htm'. Click on the file and you will be at the beginning of the photo CD!

- PHOTO CD #1 Circa 1999 -

  • Mourning the Ancient CD#1 was released in 1999. Although we intended to limit it to 1000 copies, we got bored and concentrated on our next CD after releasing around 100 copies.

    We released one or two more copies in late 2000, which had a different label on the CD and a few additions and modifications. A picture of this CD and the original, plus other photos of flyers and the like are found in the download file called 'CD #1 materials'.

    We've had to modify the CD a bit to update the code to work on today's Internet Explorer, which unfortunately, as stated above, is the ONLY browser it will run on.

    This CD has a few simple ambient music tracks done by us, which was the first time we experimented with music. For the actual photo galleries an old friend contributed a track, which I always liked a lot. He was very talented, but unfortunately died long before his time.

    CD #1 materials
    2.60 MB (13 files)

    Mourning the Ancient CD#1
    77.4 MB (1,214 files)


    - PHOTO CD #2 Circa 2000 -

  • Mourning the Ancient CD#2 was released in late 2000. Since we didn't number this CD I'm not sure how many we released, but it was probably somewhere between 100-150 copies.

    It was time consuming burning the CDs, especially this one, which was quadruple the first CD in size (also keep in mind CD-R burners were under 10x back then).

    I never really cared for selling the photo CDs, it cut into time we could be concentrating on photography or the website or whatever. I've never been very ambitious for money, beyond what I needed to pay the rent and live. So these were definitely labors of love and many of them were not sold but were given away to our friends and comrades.

    The soundtrack contains exclusive tracks done by the following bands:
    Pagan Hellfire (Canada), Beltane (New Zealand), Myrmidon (USA), Profane Grace (USA) and Theatres des Vampires (Italy).

    This CD is also where we did a handful of music tracks, which would later lead us to do a music CD on Elegy Records called Primitive Supremacy.

    CD #2 materials
    9.01 MB (10 files)

    Mourning the Ancient CD#2
    460 MB (3,511 files)


    - PHOTO CD #3 Circa 2004 -

  • We actually planned on releasing a third photo CD, and had completed about 40% of it, when the hard drive crashed and we lost everything. Many hours of work were lost forever, not to mention a handful of unique photos we didn't have backups of.