MTA Photo CD-R #2

      After extensive, countless hours of preparation, the second photo CDR is available at last! Containing 837 photos! This work contains some of our best and diverse work to date. It also turned out much larger then we had originally planned. It contains exclusive musical tracks (which play in the photo galleries, etc.) by:

Ixithra of Profane Grace/Demoncy (USA)
Shade of Myrmidon (USA)
Incarnatus of Pagan Hellfire (Canada)
Necros of Theatres des Vampires (Italy)
Xanataph of Beltane (New Zealand)
Plus several tracks written by us.

The pictures on the (IBM compatible! ) CD-R are viewed in an online-like environment, viewed through your browser (written in html--Internet Explorer 4.0+ highly recommended! ) and with an environment similar to our webpage.

      It is our belief that this CD represents our best work to date. Both aesthetically and artistically accompanied by the general look and feel. It was also a very good experience to work with the very talented souls who put forth music for this release. I think they show their own diversity as musicians in writing the atmospheric music on the CD, even though for most of them their primary sphere of music is black metal. It's interesting to see the potentials involved.

      You will also find seven musical tracks written by us, which was also an interesting opportunity, born more out of necessity than planning on our part . Until now, we've never been interested or motivated in the prospect of creating our own music, but we feel everything turned out very well. Although this project has definitely been the most difficult, time-consuming task we've yet to accomplish, it is very fulfilling to have finally finished!

      We also chose to package this in a DVD style case, which adds a unique visual effect to the release. As mentioned above, this contains many more pictures than the last release, with much broader sets. Below is a sample of the many works involved.

A few random samples from the CD #2...

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    Note: To avoid any confusion this is NOT an audio CD, it is an PC IBM-compatible photo CD-R!

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