Forgotten Confederates - An Anthology About Black Southeners
[Compiled and edited by Charles Kelly Barrow, J.H. Segars and R.B. Rosenburg]

[By SS Brigadefuhrer Kurt 'Panzer' Meyer]

Oba - The Last Samurai
[As told by Oba to writer Don Jones]

Charlie Rangers
[By Don Ericson and John Rotundo]

Black Elk Speaks
[As told by Black Elk to John G. Neihardt]

[By Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.]

Camp Z - The Secret Life of Rudolf Hess
[By Stephen McGinty]

Stuka Pilot
[By Hans Ulrich Rudel]

Britain First
[By Oswald Mosley]

Dracula was a Woman - In search of the blood Countess of Transylvania
[By Raymond T. Mcnally]

Otto Skorzeny: My Commando Operations - The Memoirs of Hitler's Most Daring Commando
[By Otto Skorzeny]

The Loneliest Man in the World
[By Eugene Bird]

Blood on the Risers: An Airborne Soldiers Thirty-five Months in Vietnam
[By John Leppelman]

My Awakening
[By David Duke]

Hiroshima - Why America Dropped the Atomic Bomb
[By Ronald Takaki]

Silent Warrior - The Marine Sniper's Vietnam Story Continues
[By Charles Henderson]

The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds
[By Robert S. Griffin]

No Surrender - My Thirty Year War
[By Hiroo Onoda]

Never Cry Wolf
[By Farley Mowat]

Begone Satan!
[By Rev. Carl Vogel]

Mad Minutes and Vietnam Months
[By Micheal Clodfelter]

Black Nazis II!
[By Veronica Clark]

Warwolves of the Iron Cross
Swastika & Scimitar
"Brothers in Arms"

[By Hans Wimmer-Lamquet. Translated by Hans Krampe with a foreword by Veronica Clark]