Well, it's not much, but here are a few photos I dug up for our 19 year anniversary on the web. I can only wonder where the time has gone? 'Time is a river in which we drown...'

It's a walk down memory lane looking at these old Mourning the Ancient photos. I remember doing each one and usually at least some of the circumstances around the shoot -- like making the props, the themes, the various inherent problems and sometimes the moments before and after a shoot. Our shoots used to be pretty chaotic, sometimes with three or four people there, music filling the air, libations flowing. It was a fun, carefree atmosphere back in those days.

Enjoy this tiny look at a handful of unreleased pictures!

  • The picture below was taken during our 'Runes I' shoot, on September 1, 2003. In this photo I was in a cabin getting ready for the shoot. Unfortunately, as you can kind of tell by looking at the window in this picture, it was growing too dark, and we had to stop the shoot and do it over the next day. I remember it was a beautiful summer evening, the forest stretching for miles around us.

    Runes I

  • These pictures were taken on June 9, 2002 for the 'Wolfsangel' shoot. These pictures are, I'll admit, one of the many instances of me being a jackass.